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Useful Eviction Information

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why should I file an eviction? If you have concerns regarding a tenant whose lease is up and not leaving the premises or who has stopped paying rent, filing an eviction it is ideal in order to have that tenant leave lawfully in order to retain the property back to the rightful owner.  2) What information do I need to have for the next step in filing the eviction with you? The Current Lease, Tenant Name, The Address of Questionable Occupancy, Property Owner Name

3)  How long does an eviction take? The process varies depending whether the case is contested or uncontested but an uncontested eviction usually 3 to 4 weeks max in order to file all the correct documents and get the approval from the courts.If the tenant responds to the eviction it could take longer and will require mediation or an attorney to intervene. 4)  How do I start the process with “Evictthem”? Please send us an email at or give us a call at 941-404-8557 with an explanation of the situation and we will move forward and take care of the heavy paperwork for you. 5. Why do evictions happen?  Although most evictions happen due to renters not paying their rent, there are many other issues that may arise for the need to evict a current tenant.  6. What are the grounds for evicting a tenant?

  • Nonpayment of rent

  • Nuisance/ Drug  Violation

  • Lease violation

  • Lease Expiration

7. If there are more than one tenant at the property will the fees differ? Yes,  but not by much. For every tenant whom is listed on the lease there will be an extra charge per the county/sheriff.

8. After an eviction, can the tenant come back to pick up previous left behind items? Once the tenant has been officially evicted from the property, anything left behind is up to the landlord discretion. 9. Does the Sheriff office have to be involved during the eviction? Yes, The sheriff must be present during the repossession of the property per law. 10. Do I pay Evictthem before or after the Eviction? As the bundle prices include fees required by the Clerk of Court and Sheriff’s Office, the requirements for payment are due before any services have been rendered. 11. If I have certain questions regarding my personal case, whom can I contact directly? .All upcoming dates are managed through google calendar. You are also able to login  to your personal account to check any updates as we update immediately with any developments.If any questions still persist, you are able to reach Evictthem via email at or phone at (941) 404- 8557 12.  What happens if the tenant decides to take the eviction to court? We are not licensed lawyers. If the tenant decides to take this matter to court, we will not be able to represent the plaintiff and/or provide any legal consultation. 13. Can we skip the 3-day notice and immediately file the complaint with the Clerk of the Circuit Court? No. The tenant is obligated to receive a 3 day proper written notice prior to filing the complaint with the Clerk to come up with the amount of rent past due or decide whether they want to proceed to court hearings. 

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